Life Coaching

I help clients that feel stuck to make positive changes to reach their full potential and success. This is a personalised services tailored for the individual depending on what is needed. We go on a journey together exploring their beliefs and address their fears and unconscious behaviours that have them feeling stuck or not on the right path.

Everybody wants to contribute to the world, especially in these unpredictable times where our environment and the social fabric of our society seem like they are falling apart. And yet, we are not trained to give ourselves the time and space to create a life purpose, to come to know our values and create a personal vision for the next stages in our lives.

This coaching can be offered together as a package with the money coaching core process or undertaken separate. Some clients need help with getting clarity and understanding on why they are here and looking for their life purpose. They want to know what direction they need to take that aligns with their gifts, talents, and abilities. Or some clients may need life coaching as they are going through a big transition like changing careers or direction, recovering from a major illness, or going into retirement, and they need a new vision and guidance for this new chapter in their lives.

Money Coaching Circles

Thank you so much for asking me to participate in the money course. I really enjoyed the journey with you. From finding out my money type and events in my life that have shaped this, to finding out my true purpose and talents.

I really love the healing tools such as the h’oponopono prayer audio recordings you sent me and have explored this further to seek out a h’oponopono healing.

I found value in seeing my life and achievements written down, including my journal logging and a letter of forgiveness to myself. I and am working towards continuing to use money wisely to support my goals and lifestyle; and look forward to what is ahead.

Annie P, Money Coaching Client

Super grateful to Alison for her invitation on a forest walk to consider taking her money coaching course. After years of being frivolous with money, I had become a hoarder in mid-life, concerned I was not saving enough for a retirement. Burnt out and disheartened, I was looking for a more balanced approach to money which was exactly what I got from my time with Alison. Her process helped me understand my relationship with money and how that was impacting my decisions and where I needed to make changes through recognising what is essential to me. Results were noticeable in just a few sessions and I’ve stayed committed to the process and confident in my decisions. Highly recommend chatting with Alison, she’s supportive and with you in every sense every step of the way.

Liz B, Money Coaching Client